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Saturday, July 14, 2012

It is done.

SO - pneumonia derailed original surgery date and plans.  God keeps working on me with the whole "I am a planner" attitude!  Date was moved to July 2nd, I was terrified, went in at 292 and here I am now 12 days later at 274.  I am drinking my water and soooo ready for the "soft" foods....give me a fish filet or give me death!! :)  I kid, I kid.....The full liquid stage is terrible - really!

Surgery wasn't horrible.  My nerves were!!  I woke up afterwards nauseous! That lasted most of the day, but by evening I was okay.  I was up and walking and peeing a few hours after getting back to my room.  This surgery didn't seem to be as painful as the laprascopic hysterectomy I had a few years ago.....
The next day - the liquid they made me drink for the leak test started the nausea all over again - and it lasted all day!  I got to go home that evening, and I have been fine since.  No pain meds and sleeping in my bed with no problems. 

It is HARD to get all the liquid in they want you too....too much and you feel uncomfortable!!!

More later!!!!

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