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I started off thinking I was going to do a weight loss blog. That was too one dimensional for me - but I absolutely love some of the ones I follow! This is a typical, broad spectrum, anything goes hybrid of diary and therapy for me. You are welcome here.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

NSV - Non-surgical victory!

I am not even a full month out (surgery was July 2nd) and I am down like 23 pounds from day of surgery.  My clothes are fitting loose and I have soooo much more energy.  I am already noticing my confidence returning...and my adventurous nature!   The other day, I DIVED off a diving board - 3 times!  My children have NEVER sen me do this!  They loved it - and so did I!!!   Also - we went to the movies, and my butt fit in the chair!  My husband - who is 100% supportive and never made me feel less than sexy - is astounded!  He is gone 2 weeks at a time - so he sees bigger changes than I do in the day to day functioning.......

I am excited...I haven't lost much in the last week and a half, but I have faith.  Food is not controlling my life, yet I enjoy SMALL portions of really good food that is good for me!  I am hitting 60g of protein a day - thank God I love fish!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

17 days post surgery

Went to the Dr. today - I have lost 20 pounds so far and dropped my BMI 5%.  He says I am doing fantastic, my incisions are completely healed and I have permission to submerge!  Here I come Beach, pool and's just not a summer in Texas without floating down the river a few times!! 

My concerns were this:

1.) I haven't lost any weight at ALL in 4 days.  He says to put away my scale, I say no way!  He said hide it, I said I am sorry, but no!

2.) My heart felt like it was thudding out of my chest the other night - very strange.  It was like every 4th or 5th beat, it would pound hard.  It isn't doing it now, and no pain - he says sometimes your esophagus can spasm...but I said there was no pain...he said strange, let  me know if it happens again.   He also asked about my fluid intake - I am good, and drink 24 oz of G2 gatorade to keep my electrolytes we shall see....

3.) My muscles are achy - like I worked out hard.  Stiffer in the mornings, better as the day goes...but still sore.  I have been BUSY - lots of running around, errands, kid stuff, but no "working out".  He said very rarely, the anesthesia they use, particularly the stuff that paralyzes your muscles, takes a LONG time to get out of your system.  This could explain why I pretty much had NO pain after surgery and could sleep in my bed as soon as I came home with no discomfort or pain meds....I pay for it now :(   Anyway, he says it should subside.....

That was about it.  Still no lifting - can go walking or do cardio.  No tough meats or veggies until 6 weeks out - no problem, loving my fish!!  I told him his shakes blow, and that I will be thrilled to never HAVE to drink a meal again!  Of course - I do have some Muscle Milk in the fridge for when I HAVE to grab something on the way out the door.  I am really trying to hit my 60-70g of protein a day.  I don't want to be a flabby bag of skin!! 

My back bothers me - but  when I asked about a chiropractor, he said NO!  I didn't need to be twisted and contorted yet (I have never been to one).  He said to treat myself to a massage - and that it would be better and cheaper!  I will have to tell hubby this ;)

ANyway - feeling great fatigue, in a good mood.   Looking forward to more pounds dropping......

Saturday, July 14, 2012

It is done.

SO - pneumonia derailed original surgery date and plans.  God keeps working on me with the whole "I am a planner" attitude!  Date was moved to July 2nd, I was terrified, went in at 292 and here I am now 12 days later at 274.  I am drinking my water and soooo ready for the "soft" foods....give me a fish filet or give me death!! :)  I kid, I kid.....The full liquid stage is terrible - really!

Surgery wasn't horrible.  My nerves were!!  I woke up afterwards nauseous! That lasted most of the day, but by evening I was okay.  I was up and walking and peeing a few hours after getting back to my room.  This surgery didn't seem to be as painful as the laprascopic hysterectomy I had a few years ago.....
The next day - the liquid they made me drink for the leak test started the nausea all over again - and it lasted all day!  I got to go home that evening, and I have been fine since.  No pain meds and sleeping in my bed with no problems. 

It is HARD to get all the liquid in they want you too....too much and you feel uncomfortable!!!

More later!!!!