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Thursday, April 19, 2012

The day is coming.....

I have now completed the 6 month medically supervised diet...I lost about 10 pounds somewhere in there, but had gained it back by the last weigh in. Basically, you pay for an office visit and they weigh you, ask if you are following an 1800 calorie diet and getting exercise....Suuuuurrrreee I am ....

Anyway - all papers are at the bariatric center now, and I am just waiting for official approval from insurance. Could take a few weeks, but I am not in a huge rush. I am hoping to have surgery the 3rd week of June or so....I am actually getting a little excited at the prospect of ending this small, nagging, sense of self loathing when it comes to the size of my arse. I remain pretty confident about myself, and I do have fears of looking like a melted candle stick....but I think it will all be ok.

I think the only thing I have left is an ultrasound on my gallbladder and a pre-op visit with the surgeon....then I will be all done. Except for the whole cutting out my stomach and existing on liquids for a month post op!

Oh - and let's not forget they ask you to replace 2 meals with shakes and eat a protein and veggie dinner for 2 weeks before the surgery - sounds like fun times! I am sure that will not be too hard as I know it shrinks your liver and makes for a safer surgery.

So that is where I am at now.....I look forward to my own before and after gallery. God knows I enjoy perusing them on the internet.

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