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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Taking steps, closer to the edge

I did it. I have made the appointments that are carrying me closer to surgery. My insurance requires 6 months of a medically supervised diet - and I am actually looking forward to it. I mean - if that will work - GREAT! I start with them Sept. 27th. I will also have blood, lab work done. On Oct. 6th, I will do my 2 hour required meeting with a nutritionist (I figured that would be good timing with a diet), then my hour long meeting with a psychiatrist, that will lead into my meeting with a surgeon to discuss my options.

After that appointment, I will continue with monthly meetings for the supervised diet, and sometime in March (end of the 6 months), I will be making the decision on whether or not to have bariatric surgery. I know that I think I am leaning towards the gastric sleeve - where they cut out the majority of your stomach. It seems to scare me less than re-routing your guts in a bypass or having a foreign object (the band) in me. We shall see........

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